Featured Software Products

Exact Roofing

Roof Estimating/Quoting and Visual Imaging Software

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Exact ReBar

Schedules, Estimates and Details Steel Reinforcing Bars

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Exact Mesh

Schedules Cut-To-Length Sheets for Fabric Steel Reinforcing Mesh

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Exact Flashing

A Tablet/Phone Application For Specifying Flashings While On The Roof (Under Development)

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Utility Software Products


Creates a Printable Scale-Ruler to Any Scale

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Exact Protractor

A "see through" On Screen Protractor

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Exact Calculator

A Programmable Calculation Pad that Calculates in English or Metric Units

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Cadenza Drawing Board

Powerful 2D/3D Stand Alone CAD System or Graphics Engine

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Engineering Software Products

Exact Engineering

Finite Element Engine for Timber and Steel Design For Integration In Other Software Packages

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Shear Wall

Designs Timber Shear Walls to New Zealand Timber Design Code NZS3603

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Timber Design

Designs Beams and Columns to New Zealand Timber Design Code NZS3603

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Other Software Products

Lawn Bowls Scoring

A Scoring Program For Lawn Bowls - Creates a Draw, Rink Allocation and Produces Round and Overall Winners

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